Technology enabled storydoing

Technology is often seen as an engineering business. Companies create technological products and the marketing follows. We at TBWA\Helsinki have been turning this around to be the story doers with our clients. Find the link between logistics technology and smiling dogs and the story starts to grow.

Biscuit – World’s first loyalty program for dogs
Our latest case Biscuit is a great example of story doing with technology. In essence, Biscuit makes the dogs the loyal clients of the pet store Musti&Mirri. To say it in tech; we utilized RFID technology that is connected to a cloud-based CRM to create a personalized shopping experiences for dogs. To say it in human: we used a technology mostly used in logistics and contactless payments and connected that to the internet to get the sales personnel to meet the incoming dogs as they were their own.

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Technology is the how-to – not the story
Not to sound like a broken record with all the adtech blogs but it must be said that the technology is not the story but the enabler of it. For example in the case of the Biscuit the technology enables the personnel in the story to customize the shopping experience for each dog based on their behaviour and needs. The technology in this case was originally mostly created for creating smarter logistic systems.

In the Paulig Muki -project we used a technology mostly used for cooling electronics with electricity and turned that around to actually generate electricity from the movement of heat. Then used that technology to create the product to enhance your coffee moments and share those moments with your friends.

In other cases we have used the regular OBD-technology found in every modern car to turn a Nissan car into a Playstation controller. By doing so we combined the football fans, car lovers and gamers in a totally new way, that could have never been possible without the technology that enabled it.

The perfect triangle
As long as you create a story where the technological or innovational element is in the core of it and have a perfect brand connection you are probably creating something worth the buzz. Sometimes the idea comes from the brand, the story or some technological solution but as long as the triangle between the meaning of these three is in balance the rest will follow.